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Pathway To Building Your Dream Swimming Pool - Pool Building 101

Here's what to expect in the planning, design, construction, permitting, and occupancy process.

The Pool and Spa Planning, Design & Construction Process

➢ Here at The Pool and Spa Experts it is our goal to build you a fine product in a timely fashion.

➢ During this process we will be working closely with you. Here is some information to familiarize you with our construction procedures and process.

Initial Phone Call
Swimming Pool Design
Construction Contract Signing
Customize Features
Engineering Approval
Secure Government Permits
Swimming Pool Construction
Construction Inspection
Enjoy Your New Pool
10. ENJOY!


The pool and spa construction process starts off with your pool designer, who will design a pool that will fit your wants, needs, budget, and be tailored to fit in your backyard. We encourage your input in this process. After the pool design is complete, and a contract is negotiated, the plans are sent to our professional engineering firm.

After we receive the pool engineering, we submit it to your city or county building department for plan review. This process takes about two to three weeks depending on what municipality you reside in.

Once the building permit is issued, we schedule your swimming pool for excavation. Your swimming pool will be excavated using heavy equipment ie: Backhoe, skid steer loaders and dump trucks. The excation spoils are left on site to be used for landscaping or hauled off.

After the completion of excavation, our plumbing and steel crews move in. Your pool will have a reinforced steel skeleton that is hand tied by our skilled Installers. The plumbing is run in the walls of the pool and encased in concrete to add to the longevity of your new investment. At this point the steel structure will be inspected by our Structural Engineers. The plumbing and or steel structure will be inspected by our Field Superintendents and your local municipal building department inspectors.

Shotcrete is the next phase of construction. In this process concrete is pneumatically applied to form the walls and floor of the pool. The walls, floor, steps and benches are then hand formed by our men. Our crew is highly trained and is one of the best shotcrete crews in the nation.

The tile is set using a laser transit to ensure that the top of your pool is perfectly level. Next, a sand mix base (brown coat) is applied to the shotcrete in order to provide an even surface to apply the tile to. We then apply the tile and grout it with a chlorine and acid resistant grout.

Coping and decking come next. We offer two different finishes: kool decking and stamped concrete. Kool decking is a solid colored knock down finish that closely resembles stucco. The uneven surface of kool deck makes it cooler on the feet by an average of ten degrees (compared to flat gray concrete). The other finish that we offer is stamped concrete. This is our most popular finishing technique and is achieved by a four-part process that leaves the finished concrete looking like real stone.

Finally, we apply the finishing coat to the pool interior, the plaster. The plaster is hand applied to the shotcrete to produce a smooth white marble finish on the inside of the pool basin. After the plaster is complete the pool is ready to be filled with water.

Your project is scheduled to be completed as quickly as possible. Following are several ways to assure that this schedule is met. We ask that you have selected your project colors, i.e. tile, kook deck and cover colors, concrete colors, etc. We ask that you notify our office of any inspections or inspectors that have been to your job site. Please keep vehicles and any other obstructions out of our access route to your project.

Our construction Manager is Micah Osieczanek, he is in charge of all construction scheduling and field inspections. You can contact him with any questions or concerns Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm.

Weather always plays a factor in our ability to schedule and complete work. Please know that when it rains or snows we can lose days not only to bad weather, but also to waiting for jobs to dry out.

Don’t forget that the area where your project is being installed is a construction site and the open excavations, ditches, rebar, cement, equipment’s, etc., that are a part of the project are dangerous and can cause serious or fatal injury. We ask that you please stay away from the construction site and do not allow children and/or pets to play in, on, or around this area.

Construction and scheduling of construction is not an exact science and we ask for your cooperation in any scheduling changes. You are going to find that our crews start early in the morning and sometimes work late during the day. We know that having people in your backyard at unpredictable times in inconvenient, but unfortunately this may happen.

We strive to be as predictable as possible with our scheduling but some jobs go quicker than others and some may take longer than expected. This inevitable leads to changes, day-to-day and hour-to-hour, in schedules. Please know that if we are at your job early or late we are doing the best we can to expedite your project and its completion.


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