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Luxury Pool and Spa Combos - For Inside or Outside

The perfect combination of swimming pool and spa designs.

Swimming Pool and Spa Combinations

We have design experts to help you with designing your luxury pool and spa combo.

➢Reardon Construction Enterprises can build exactly to your specifications, imagination, and ideas.

A swimming pool and spa combination is a permanent construction, usually made from concrete, unlike a hot tub, which is made from less durable materials.

How do you make your spa truly unique? The Colorado spa builders at Reardon Construction Enterprises has many ways to build and customize your pool and spa combo.

MacPhearson Pool with All-tile Raised Spa Combo

Custom Designed and Luxury Swimming Pool and Spa Combinations

Below we have listed partial gallery of some of the pool and spa combinations we’ve built since starting in this industry in 1996.

Tips from Colorado Spa Builders for Swimming Pool and Spa Combos

You’ve decided to turn your backyard into that perfect oasis getaway. You’ve decided that you want a hot tub or a spa but you don’t want to look like all those other “run of the mill” yards with the large hot tub and deck combo. What better way than to have a customized backyard project constructed from Colorado’s swimming pool and spa builders. Combining your spa with a pool may be just what it needs. A pool/spa combo maybe just what you need to spice up your backyard.

The Shape of the Spa

Having a custom-made spa gives you the advantage of making a unique shape. Constructing custom-shaped pool and spas adds to visual appeal and can optimize your outdoor or yard space.

Pool and Spa Combo Construction Materials

Your swimming pool or spa doesn’t have to be concrete and tile. Concrete may be best for the construction base, but adding different features like stone can give your spa a unique contemporary look.

Custom Features – Special Features

You could add a waterfall, include a bar area, an outdoor shower, special lighting options, adding a privacy wall, or even an adjacent fire pit feature as a special feature. Even Colorado’s winter snows wouldn’t deter you from enjoying your amazing indoor or outdoor living space. The Colorado spa builders at Pool & Spa Experts will be extremely helpful in designing your construction project.

Call the #1 Colorado spa builders at Pool and Spa experts today. We can make your dreams of a unique home spa come true.


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