At Reardon Construction Enterprises…your safety is our #1 Goal!

By opting for an auto cover, not only will it help with maintenance costs, it is also anintegral part of a safe pool. By control of a key, you choose when your pool is open, keeping small children, pets and uninvited visitors out of the pool. Instead of an electric motor, we use hydraulic power to operate the cover, eliminating the risk of electrical shock near the pool.

Dual Main Drains and V.G.B. covers for drains, reduce entrapment hazards. We are also Colorado’s experts in multi-speed pumps equipted with suction vacuum relief systems.

Fiber Optic Lighting
Fiber Optic Lighting Systems conduct only light into the pool (no electricity).

Our deck finishes are non-slip surfaces, even when wet.

Diving Boards & Slides
Our diving and slides for pools are designed for safety. They meet all applicable local codes and manufacturer specs.

Installation of safety grip coping assures a user friendly and safe edge around your pool.

Interior of Pool
The interior contours of our pools and spas are finished with non-slip surfaces. These clean easily and are safe on the feet.

Our plumbing and filtering systems are designed and engineered to provide clean, clear water, safe for all bathers. With numerious sanitation options, we can find the option best suited for you and your family.

Finally, each of our pools are gone over in great detail to assure the safest pool and spa possible. We make sure all components match and that we deliver a safe product for our clients.