Want to Plan a Pool?

Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to owning your own pool!

First, print a piece of 1/8″ grid paper, pool shapes A – I, pool shapes J – S and a price sheet. All of these can be found at the bottom of the page.

By using these items you will be able to plan your pool project more effectively and have the fun of being your own backyard designer. Should you have any questions or need professional help in designing your project , please feel free to contact our in-house designer at 303-788-1330, he will be more than happy to give you assistance, free of charge. Using a pencil, so that you can make corrections, and the 1/8″ grid paper, draw the area of your house and yard where you wish to put your pool. Pay particular attention to the following:

1. House and existing patio dimensions
2. Property line and fence locations
3. Underground, and overhead utilities (if you know their location)
4. Grade changes in the pool and pool deck area
5. Access that will be used for building the pool (cement trucks, digging equipment, etc. will be using this area)
6. Location for the new pool equipment (remember the closer the equipment is to the pool, electric service and gas, the cheaper these costs will be)
7. Make notations of any obstacles in the pool and access area (trees, bushes, poles etc.)

Now that you have drawn your pool area you can cut out a design from the pool shapes we have provided. These pool shapes are drawn to a 1/8″ scale using the class 2 pool size, should you want your pool larger or smaller we have provided one smaller and one larger in each design (class 1 and class 3). By cutting out your pool shape you will be able to locate or draw it on your “plan”.Once you have completed your pool project plan you can price it out using the price sheet provided. Remember your pool price includes the pool and all of the features including equipment and utility run allowances that are listed on the Pool Spec Sheet.

The last step in this process is to bring your plans and design to life by calling us at 303-788-1330 to arrange for our design consultant to go over your project and arrange for its construction.

Sketch your pool design – 1/8″ Grid Paper

Standard pool pricing by size – Pool Price List

Specification for your pool – Pool Spec Sheet

Pool shape designs – A-I

Pool shape designs – J-S