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Spas and Spools

Get the perfect custom-designed spa or spool from Reardon Construction Enterprises.

Spas & Spools

Reardon Construction Enterprises has built thousands of different types of custom Spas and Spools.

Hot tubs or spas are a perfect space-saving way to create a relaxing oasis right in in your backyard. Whether connected to a pool or standing alone, home spas are an excellent addition that will provide years of both beauty and entertainment. Endless designs are available to create the look and environment you envision for your backyard. Let’s take a look at some of the best home spa designs in Denver.

View some of our Spa gallery below for some of our Colorado homeowner projects.

Swimming Pool and Spa Combos

Custom Built Luxury Spas and Spools from Reardon Construction Enterprises

Best Home Spa Design Idea: In a Patio or Deck

Adding a spa to your existing deck or building a deck with the spa of your choosing gives your home spa a built-in look. In addition, adding a wooden deck or adding a spa to an existing deck creates a feeling of intimacy with the options of screened walls for privacy or patio roofs to allow for the use of your spa even in inclement weather.

Best Home Spa Design Idea: Spools

A spool is an ingenious combination of a pool and a spa, providing some of the best features of each while saving space and often lowering costs. Spools are smaller in general versus most swimming pool construction in Denver, but are larger than a normal spa. Spools have powerful jets which allow the feeling of swimming laps without the necessary space, allowing it to serve as an excellent source for exercise. Spools can also be heated and jets turned on for use as a spa or hot tub, soothing sore muscles or just providing a place for entertainment and relaxing.

Best Home Spa Design Idea: Water Features and Lights

Spa designs in Denver are limited only by your imagination and that of your installer. Spas can be equipped with waterfalls, fountains, water walls, zero edge or infinity designs, and more. In addition, your spa can be equipped with specialty lighting, providing endless combinations of peaceful and/or energizing light displays. Options include lights which light up the entire water, rotating through a rainbow of colors or stopping on the color of your choice, LED multi-points of lights that may be placed above and or below the water, floating lights, and many more.

With all of the options available for your home spa in Denver, you need the help of trusted professionals, like the experienced team at Pool & Spa Experts today. Contact them today to discover which home spa design is best for you!


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