Colorado is beautiful. Gorgeous mountain landscapes, the sun shines about three hundred days a year and the summer is hot. To beat that heat, there is nothing better than hanging out in the pool. Unfortunately, Colorado is also notorious for unpredictable and strange weather. It’s not unheard of to see snow in June and an 80-degree weather in October. How do you take care and maintain your pool in this ever-changing weather?

Leave the water

Thunder or snow, be ready to go. Leave the water in the pool. Any time you empty the pool, it can compromise the structure of the pool. The weight of the water keeps the walls the bottom of the pool in place. Storms put an empty pool at a higher risk for damage. You may have to clean more out of your pool later, but it is much better than having to spend thousands to repair the damage.

Turn it off

At the first signs of the storm, turn off all the equipment. Your motor/pump system will probably get wet during the storm. Turning it off will be the first defense of keeping it from large amounts of damage, this includes circuit breakers.

Put it away

You may have staged your deck area to the perfect place for all your needs, but it’s best to put all your furniture and pool items away in a safe storage area. Storms can include high-speed winds along with snow, thunder, and rain. All of these conditions can lead to serious damage to the equipment. The wind may even blow it into the pool. Save yourself the headache of pulling heavy, soaked chairs out of your pool and put them away at the first sign of a weather change.

Trim and maintain the surrounding lawn

Snow can happen as late in June in Colorado. These late, heavy snows can lead to significant damage to trees and other surrounding plants in the area. Heavy snow covering leafy branches can lead to broken limbs and other issues. Broken branches can fall into your pool, but it can also smash vital equipment. Trim back any surrounding plants and tree branches.

The cover

If it is a heavy wind snow or rain, it may be better to forgo the pool cover. High winds can lift the pool cover off the pool or send heavy things on top of the pool. It will be easier to clean and rebalance the pool water after the storm than deal with damage.

After the storm

The storm has passed and now you have a lot of work on your hands. Clean the area and the pool. Test the water and check the chemistry and add chemicals as needed. Do not drain the pool. Check over your equipment and allow it to dry out completely before turning it back on. Ensure your pool and equipment is in perfect order before using it again. Feel free to call us and we will send a technician out to help set your pool back in order.