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Swimming Pool Pricing - Swimming Pool Construction Pricing

Review Reardon Construction Enterprises Swimming Pool Configurations and Pricing as of April 1, 2018

Swimming Pool Construction Pricing Schedule

Swimming Pool Pricing: Shapes & Sizes

Pricing schedule as of April 1, 2018

Swimming Pool Construction Pricing 4-1-2018
Swimming Pool Construction Pricing 4-1-2018

Although the final price of your backyard paradise depends on many things (size of pool, custom features, landscaping, etc.), the following may be helpful for initial project budgeting. Your pool price includes the pool and all of the features including equipment and utility run allowances that are listed on the Pool Spec Sheet.

*See Swimming Pool Price List .pdf document for additional reference.

While planning your project, pay particular attention to the following:

  • House and existing patio dimensions
  • Property line and fence locations
  • Underground, and overhead utilities (if you know their location)
  • Grade changes in the pool and pool deck area
  • Access that will be used for building the pool because cement trucks and other digging and excavation equipment will be using this area.
  • Location for the new pool equipment (remember the closer the equipment is to the pool, electric service and gas, the cheaper these costs will be)
  • Make notations of any obstacles in the pool and access area (trees, bushes, poles etc.)

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