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Wishing For An Inground Spa And Pool?

Are you worried that the size of your backyard or space limitations on your property will stop you from getting the backyard swimming pool you desire?  Do you have budget restraints that you think might prohibit you from getting both a swimming pool and an inground spa?


A spool might just be the answer to your dilemma!

What Is a Spool?

A spool is a blend of two words – pool and spa – to form a word describe a swimming pool variation that could be considered a very small swimming pool with jet features that make it similar to a larger hot tub.  The powerful jets allow the user to swim “laps” by swimming against the currents the large jets produce.


Besides the jets, a spool also usually includes a heating feature, allowing the space to be used as a hot tub or spa.  Some models can include partitions, allowing half of the spool to be used a pool by one person while another person uses the other half as a hot tub.  A spool is sometimes called a cocktail pool.

Benefits of a Spool

Exercise and Other Health Benefits

A spool offers the advantage of being used as both a lap pool and, if the water is warmed, a therapeutic inground spa.

Saves Space

Backyard limited by its size or other space limitations such as play equipment or landscaping?  A spool requires far less space than a traditional pool, only slightly more than a traditional spa.  

Lower Cost and Simpler Installation

Because of its smaller size, spools fit within many more homeowner budgets.  In addition, the installation process is often quicker and a spool may require less maintenance than a traditional swimming pool and inground spa combination.

Flexible and Versatile

Due to its heating element, spools can be used year round, and as mentioned before, for a variety of purposes such as exercise, hot water therapy, entertainment, relaxation and more.  In addition, when not being utilized as a pool or spa, a spool can be designed as an attractive water feature, adding aesthetic and investment value to your home.

Is a Spool Right for You?

How do you know if this unique swimming pool and spa combination is right for you and your family?  A spool might be the best choice for your family if:

  • You have space limitations on your property or in your backyard space.
  • You want both a swimming pool and a spa, but have a specific budgetary limit in mind.
  • You want to use your pool or spa in all seasons.
  • You want less maintenance and a more cost-effective option.
  • You are concerned about the commitment involved with installing full size pool  and spa.
  • You are seeking an attractive water feature for your backyard that also serves a purpose.

Your Denver Partner for Spool Design and Installation

At Pool and Spa Experts, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and designed thousands of pool and spa combinations.  We’d love to help you decide if a spool is right for you.  Contact us today!