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What Denver Pool Builders Can Do For You

Summer is just around the corner.  Warmer temperatures bring with them thoughts of barbecues, warm weather, and lazy days. Now is the perfect time to build the pool of your dreams, one that will stand above the ordinary and turn your backyard space into an oasis. 

Are you looking for something beyond the traditional swimming pool?  There are many backyard features, designs, and ideas that can move your swimming pool from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Water features

A water feature or multiple features might be the first design element that comes to mind when you consider a swimming pool.  Many pools have features such as waterfalls or fountains, but why not take it up another notch? 

Have you considered a truly unique feature such as a lazy river or a stream leading around or to you pool?  Moving water features like those can add both visual and entertainment value to your family’s pool.

In addition, vanishing edges, custom cascades, and more can provide your backyard with a look unlike any other.

Built-In Furniture

Most people purchase patio furniture for lounging or eating near the pool, but have you considered a built in table, where guests can enjoy playing games or even enjoying food or drink while seated INSIDE the pool?

Built-in umbrellas and other shading features can provide shade for you and your family as well as serve as an attractive focal point for your pool. 

Denver pool builders can also include unique seating such as built-in lounge chairs, benches, and other places for your guests to sit.

Splash Pad or Other Features for Kids

Nothing compares to poolside family time with your children and their friends.  Memories are made and friendships are formed.  Swimming pool designers like the professionals at Pool and Spa Experts can help you add or design a kid-friendly element for your pool that will make your pool THE place to be in the summer.

Consider a splash pad, with special heat-resistant and padded flooring.  If you are looking for a simpler feature, a tanning ledge with water jets can provide a fun, safe place for youngsters to play. 

Of course, slides and diving boards are long-standing favorites, but they can be updated to include waterfalls, incorporate natural elements like rocks, and more. 

Light Features for Nighttime Fun

Add some nighttime appeal to your backyard by updating or designing a pool with light features.  Light features are simple to add and make a dramatic impact on the appearance of your pool.  Choose from rotating or fading colors, lighted colored water jets, lighted waterfalls, and more. 

Custom Features

At Pool and Spa Experts, Denver pool builders can help you design a custom feature that will make you swimming pool and your entire backyard stand out.  From fire pits to stamped concrete to seating walls, our pool designers have an eye for one-of-a-kind elements to incorporate into your existing or new pool build.  We take the time to discuss your lifestyle, your goals, and your budget to determine which features will be the most cost effective while providing the stellar appearance you are seeking to make your pool the talk of the town.